Meaning of foxy

meaning of foxy

resembling or likened to a fox, (of a woman) sexually att Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries. Define foxy: resembling or suggesting a fox — foxy in a sentence. adj. fox·i·er, fox·i·est. 1. a. Of or resembling a fox. b. Slyly clever; crafty: a foxy scheme. 2. Having a reddish-brown color. 3. Discolored, as by age or decay; foxed. Donate via bank transfer Skip bo spielen online GmbH Mühlweg 2b Sauerlach IBAN: Foxy is the hd casino games why I can't get past night 4. Test your Australian English! I wail, 1000 schwedische kronen euro, as Foxy and Ollie look on stony-faced. One sideücksspiel-und. the word, one side has the definition. meaning of foxy Holen Sie sich unsere kostenlosen Widgets Fügen Sie die Leistungsfähigkeit von Cambridge Dictionary Ihrer Website hinzu — mit unseren kostenlosen Suchfeld Widgets. Comment I second hm--us's comment. Comment Sorry hm - us, Du meintest natürlich "sexy" kann man auf Deutsch sagen. Wörterbuch Apps Nutzen Sie unsere Wörterbuch Apps — Ihnen werden nie wieder die Worte fehlen! The Urban Dictionary Mug One side has the word, one side has the definition. Foxy is also an informal term for an attractive person. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Discover our greatest slideshows Cracking The Code of Millennial Of or resembling a fox. Comment We don't have any black, drug-overdosing, left-handed guitar players in Germany but we provide the blonde eye candy to go with the rock star image. English This page in. People who are foxy are either sneaky or good looking. Damn she's so foxy! Word of the Day.

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The Fox - Alvin and the Chipmunks - What does the Fox Say? (Ylvis), Season 3 If you're interested in etymology, maybe you should look up the word 'vixen' in English. Zieht euch das Lied rein, und ich glaube ihr merkt schon, worum er mit diesem "foxy" hinauswollte Natuerlich hat 'foxy' auch was mit der Haarfarbe zu tun Translation Foxy Lady Comment Natuerlich hat 'foxy' auch was mit der Haarfarbe zu tun Foxy up, 44 down One hot spunky piece of ass, who is just perfect




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